Jonny Monkhouse

Creative Director

The beginning of a brand new year is the perfect time to take a look over your website and see what is and isn’t working, what improvements can be made and whether to change a few things.

We have put together a few tips to improve your website and get it working harder for you in 2018.

1. Is your website responsive?

This is probably the most important thing you can do to improve your website in 2018 if your site isn’t already, make it responsive. A responsive website scales to any device it is viewed on meaning your users will get the same great experience whether they are visiting your site on a mobile while on the train to work, looking at it in a coffee shop on their iPad or exploring it on their laptop at home. And because mobile usage is only going up along with Google frowning on sites that are not taking action, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website is responsive.

2. Check your stats

If you have Google Analytics setup, you are probably keeping check of this already and if so, good on you! If you don’t have it installed on your site or haven’t checked it in a while, now is the perfect opportunity before you do anything else to find out exactly how users are using your website. Keep a particular eye on bounce rates and exit pages to try and see if there is anything you can do on these particular pages to keep your users engaged such as adding a stronger call to action or easier way to navigate to other relevant pages.

3. Improve your SEO

As well as ensuring your site is responsive, there are other great ways to improve your SEO relatively easily. Blogging is one great way to create fresh content which in turn will boost your Google rankings, especially if you are clever adding in your keywords whilst also ensuring your posts are interesting and on topic. Obviously writing blog posts takes time and everyone is busier these days but even a new blog post a week will do wonders. Taking the time to look through current content on your site is also a good idea to see if any improvements can be made to include more keywords. If you have a WordPress website, installing Plugins such as YOAST SEO will help you if you are unsure too.

4. Be more Social

Social media is so important these days. As more and more of your customers are hanging out on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, so too should you be. Or at least having a social presence will help. Ideally though spending a few hours a week posting new content to one or more of the main social networks will help you reach more customers and in turn direct them to your website and then into leads. We will be posting a blog post on Social in the next few weeks so check back for more information on that.

5. Use of video

Video is so popular online now. From Facebook Live to Instagram Stories, more and more apps are pushing the use of video to their users. It’s super simple and really quick to create too. Just point your phone at something and record. The use of video on your website too can be a great tool if used correctly. Showing off a product or feature could be much easier for the user to digest and understand than writing a couple of paragraphs of text.

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